Join the 14-Day Mini Research Like a Pro Challenge

  • Learn the Research Like a Pro process with Diana Elder, AG, and Nicole Dyer, in 14 days.
  • Practice creating an objective, making a research plan, and writing about your findings.
  • Share your progress with the Research Like a Pro community on social media. Begins January 16, 2023.

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January 16-29, 2023

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There are 7 steps in the Research Like a Pro process. You will spend two days on each step. Think of this as a mini research project. You are just doing a simple project to learn the process, not tackling that brick wall you’ve had for years! Here are the 7 steps:  

1. Objective  

2. Analysis  

3. Locality Research  

4. Research Planning  

5. Source Citations  

6. Research Log  

7. Report Writing  

When you’re done with the challenge you will have completed a mini report! It might just be a paragraph summarizing the 3 searches you did, and that’s fine. The purpose is to practice each of the steps and finish the whole process. All you need is at least 15 minutes a day.  

When you sign up, you will receive an email from us each day with a new task, and links to blog posts/podcasts to read for tips on how to do it. After January 14th, we will close the email sign up, but you can still join in the fun by joining our Facebook Group: 14 Day Research Like a Pro Mini Challenge Group

Choose an Easy Objective 

We recommend that you choose an easy objective during the challenge - since you will just be working a short amount of time each day. Maybe you could work to identify a research subject who lived after 1870. Another idea is to verify a relationship that is partially documented in your tree. It's up to you, so feel free to choose an earlier time period if you are comfortable with the record availability and the area. 


The goal of this challenge is to learn the Research Like a Pro process by focusing on the process instead of the objective. As you become more skilled with creating an objective, research plan, log, citations, and report, you will have an easier time completing more difficult objectives. First, get the process down. Then, tackle those difficult research questions! Invite a friend to join you in the challenge and be accountability partners. You can even form your own small study group as you go. We know you will learn from each other!  


Share your progress with us and the others in the Research Like a Pro community during the challenge. Here are some ways to share what you’re working on:  

-Share your discoveries on Facebook and tag @familylocket with #ResearchLikeAPro  

-Share your objective in the Research Like a Pro Facebook group [buy the book Research Like a Pro to join]  

– Update: We have created a public Facebook group just for this challenge! All are welcome to join. You can join here: 14 Day Research Like a Pro Mini Challenge Group.  

-Share a photo of the ancestor you’re researching on Instagram and tag @familylocket with #ResearchLikeAPro  

-Tweet your questions and discoveries on Twitter and tag @familylocket with #ResearchLikeAPro and #Genealogy