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  • Give the gift of genealogy learning  
  • A method that helps researchers of all levels make progress in their research
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Give the Gift of Genealogy Learning

Do you know someone who could use some structure in their genealogy research? Maybe they need help breaking down a brick wall? Give them our Research Like a Pro eCourse so they can learn how to analyze records, make a research plan, keep a research log, and write a report. They will be able to watch eight webinars recorded by Diana Elder, AG, take quizzes, listen to our free podcast, and additional materials. The e-Course will give them the extra boost they might need in their research efforts. This price lasts only until December 25!  

How to Give the eCourse as a Gift  

It’s easy to give Research Like a Pro as a gift. Just purchase this gift certificate, and during checkout, you will choose to either email the gift certificate to the recipient or to yourself. You can include a personal message with the email. They will receive a unique coupon code to use when signing up for the eCourse. Alternatively, you can choose to send the coupon code to yourself, then forward it to the recipient whenever you are ready.  

When your recipient receives the coupon code, they will simply add the Research Like a Pro eCourse to their cart, check out, and enter the code into the “coupon” field. The price of the eCourse will be discounted to $0 and they can continue checking out. During the process, they will create their username and password which they will use to access the course materials.  

If you want to print a gift certificate, the gift certificate document will be available for instant download after you purchase this product. When you receive the email with the coupon code, copy and paste the code into the word document, then print.  

The recipient will need to register for the eCourse by March 15, 2019, when the coupon code expires. Each code may only be used once.

More about the Research Like a Pro eCourse 

Review from former Research Like a Pro study group member Rondie Yancey:  

“I solved a long-standing family mystery using the research methods Diana provided. I certainly became a research log enthusiast when I saw how much using the log helped me with this solution. Each lesson demonstrated how much more efficient and effective my research could be, and I would recommend this class to anyone who seriously wants to improve their skills. I have been doing genealogy for over 20 years, but this class helped me on to a new level.”  

The eCourse includes lifetime access to the following:  

-Personalized online eCourse page that keeps track of your progress  

-Eight hour-long recorded webinars detailing the Research Like a Pro method  

-Monthly “Ask Diana” chat sessions  

-Private Research Like a Pro Facebook group  

-Printable Research Like a Pro flowchart  

-Quizzes for each lesson  

-Assignment descriptions and work samples  

-Links to additional reading and podcast episodes for each lesson  

-Printable certificate after you turn in your final assignment (research report)  


The E-course will include lifetime access to eight webinars corresponding to chapters in the book. In each webinar, I lead you through the key concepts using real life examples. You’ll get in-depth answers to your questions and gain a deeper understanding of the Research Like a Pro process.  

Pedigree analysis and objectives: Learn how to analyze your family tree for possible research opportunities, then how to focus your research with an objective.  

Reviewing previous research and analyzing source information: Learn how to analyze the sources you have found and extract all of the possible data from them.  

Location research: Study jurisdictions, boundary changes, and discover the importance of understanding “where” an event occurred.  

Research planning: Learn to make a focused plan that will guide you to the best sources that will answer your research question.  

Source citations: Study the elements of a good source citation and learn to create your own.  

Logging your research: Discover how to organize your research using a research log and source citations.  

Writing up your research: Learn the many ways you can share your research, how to write a simple proof summary, and discover the best option for any research scenario.  

Organization, productivity, and education: Discover new ways to organize your genealogy documents, become more productive in your work, and boost your genealogical knowledge.  

How it Works: 

-After you register, you’ll be able to immediately access all of the materials on FamilyLocket.com  

-Watch the webinars whenever it fits with your schedule.  

-Send your questions to Diana by email at Diana@familylocket.com.  

-Diana will answer questions in a live “Ask Diana” session once a month. These will be recorded if you can’t participate live.  

-Complete the assignments on your own time and share with the private Research Like a Pro Facebook group for feedback.  

-After you purchase the course, you will be able to see the “My Courses” tab on the menu to access the eCourse material.  

Research Like a Pro: A Genealogist’s Guide Book We recommend that you purchase a copy of Research Like a Pro: A Genealogist’s Guide, either the eBook or paperback, to use with the course.  

Getting Help 

What if you have questions as you work through your own research project? You’ll have lifetime access to the private Research Like a Pro Facebook group where you can ask the community for help as well as submit your assignments for feedback.  

You’ll also have lifetime access to the monthly “Ask Diana” chat sessions. Submit your questions ahead of time and receive assistance in solving your tough research problems.  

Finally, you’ll receive the new printable Research Like a Pro flowchart. See at a glance the research process with key tips on one convenient page.  

Ask Diana Chat Sessions – Tuesdays  

Join the video chats live to ask your questions, or watch the recording later. All are encouraged to submit their questions beforehand by email. Check the web page for dates.

What is the Difference between the eCourse and Study Group?  

The Research Like a Pro study group has the same online learning modules - webinars, quizzes, etc., but has 8 scheduled group classes with the other researchers in the group via google hangouts. The study group also has deadlines for completing assignments and a feedback schedule for reading each others' assignments and giving feedback. Participants in the study group work closely together and provide encouragement and motivation to complete assignments. Diana and Nicole also give personalized feedback on each assignment for study group members.  

Study Group Upgrade  

If you sign up for the Research Like a Pro eCourse, but decide later to join a Research Like a Pro study group, you can upgrade for the price difference during study group registration. Simply contact Diana and Nicole for help. Contact info: Diana@FamilyLocket.com, Nicole@FamilyLocket.com